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Painting with Pencil is a one-day class that teaches you to build an image using just greyscale. Form, even when using colour, is created by greyscale (the tone of that colour). This class helps you see how space is defined by tone: white, black and all the greys in between. Greyscale is a guiding principle of my painting classes. This class helps you see its importance, and will improve your painting - as well as give you a technique to produce finished works in pencil alone.

The class starts with practice exercises to develop your eye and your confidence, using my scribble technique with a 3B pencil on newsprint. Then you move on to watercolour paper for your final piece.

The scribble technique borrows from gesture drawing, which has been a staple of art instruction for years. It helps you to look at the subject as it sits in space, rather than as a collection of details. The details can be used to build on the image later, but only after it’s placed where it belongs on the page.

As with gesture drawing, no erasers are used. This helps you to develop awareness of all the objects in the image and their interrelationships. You start with a light hand and build the whole image at once rather than moving from one detail to another. If a line is in the wrong place you’ll learn how to incorporate it into the rest of the tone scribble.

The class goes from 10 a.m. to 4 pm, with lunch served at noon.

The cost is $140 + GST which includes instruction, lunch and materials. I take cash, cheque and credit cards.

Registration: Call 778 426 0150, or email me.

Painting with Pencil

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