Nicholas Pearce

painting women and light


The next workshop is

“Artistic Style” 

June 14 - 16

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My passion for painting is inspired by women – their beauty, strength, sensuality and artistry – from the nude to the sensuous dance of flamenco. Teaching other painters what I’ve learned has added to that passion and expanded my own art. 


Painting Your Canvas Black

Tips for Painting at Home

Colour Mixing using the limited palette is the latest in my new series of tutorials to help you keep your art practice going at home.

You’ll also find another presentation called Lies My Eyes Tell Me. It’s a presentation on the 5 basic elements of my class and how they help us stay on track in the painting process.

The presentation from my Painting with Pencil class will walk you through the process so you can give it a try at home as well.

I’ll be posting new tutorials often. Below the Painting with Pencil video are more

I hope you enjoy:

  1. •Painting Your Canvas Black

  2. •Gridding Made Easy

  3. •Brush Use and Mixing on the Canvas

  4. •Transferring Your Image to the Canvas

Check out the Tutorial page for more videos

Gridding Made Easy

Brush Use and Mixing on the Canvas

Transferring Your Image to the Canvas

Painting with Pencil

Lies My Eyes Tell Me

Colour Mixing

Modifying Colour

Composition Geometry and Background

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